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    New lease of life for twin-headed turtle; in a casserole dish

    Don't worry, the casserole dish is being used as a temporary aquarium by former animal rehabilitator Kathleen Talbot, she's not cooking turtles. Old habits die hard and when she found a mud-caked baby snapping turtle in distress, Kathleen took it home and cleaned it. That's when she discovered it had two heads.

    The baby turtle is thriving at the moment - gulping down foods with both mouths - and Kathleen's named one head Frank and the other Stein, to avoid confusion. Experts say the chances of survival for the two-headed turtle in the wild are low, but Kathleen, of Hudson, Maine, is taking this as a sign she should begin animal rehabilitation again. So this two-headed may be able to look forward to a long life, in the proper aquarium Kathleen's fixing up for him - or should that be them?

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    Thanks for this Zwiebel, when I first saw the thread heading I thought.... No!!
    The poor little turtle has a hope for a longer better life now, not only does he/she have someone who can care for it, but its carer is an animal rehabilitator... It couldn't have worked out better for the little fellow. I hope the journalist does a follow up so we can see if the little fellow does grow up and what it looks likes as an adult.

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