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    MT - A Raw Chicken Heist With a Rotten Ending


    A big white trailer parked at a truck stop isnít likely to turn heads, unless itís been sitting there for days, dripping the juices of rotting chickens and attracting flies.

    Missoula County sheriffís deputies discovered the 53-foot trailer at Town Pumpís Flying J truck stop Tuesday. Owned by Dixie River Freight in Nampa, Idaho, the trailer is loaded with 35,000 pounds of raw chicken valued at $80,000.

    And the chicken is turning rancid.

    A truck containing 37,000 pounds of now-rotten chicken may have sat in a western Montana truck stop for more than a month while its driver texted and called his employer demanding money, police said. The driver abandoned the trailer at some point after Dixie River Freight Inc. refused his demands, and he left the frozen cargo worth $80,000 to thaw and then rot when the fuel for the trailer's refrigeration unit ran out...

    Police in Nampa, Idaho, are searching for the driver, 42-year-old Christopher Hall, who had been wanted for a parole violation and now faces a possible theft charge... Hall picked up the trailer in Springdale, Arkansas, on Aug. 20 and was supposed to deliver it to Kent, Washington, the next day, police said. Hall texted and called Dixie River Freight several times for more money, but the company refused to pay him until he delivered the load, Ramirez said.

    The freight company reported the truck stolen on Aug. 27 when it did not arrive, police said. The trailer's refrigerator apparently continued running until the fuel ran out, finally drawing attention - and the flies - to the load.

    An official says an abandoned trailer containing up to 37,000 pounds of rotten chicken has been towed from a truck stop to a western Montana landfill.

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    Ewwwwww!!!!! Guess his demands for blackmail/holding his cargo hostage didn't work out like he planned! What a waste of food.
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    Christopher Hall, 42, was apprehended in Meridian, Idaho by a fugitive task force led by the U.S. Marshals Service on Friday afternoon, Nampa Police Lieutenant Eric Skoglund said.

    Skoglund said Hall was being sought for a federal parole violation and that he had not been charged with crimes relating to the theft of the truck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LinasK View Post
    What a waste of food.

    Just going by his behavior, the truck driver is a bit of a rotten egg himself. That is a shocking waste of food - for no reason. It was not suspected of being contaminated, it was just being withheld for ransom, and it didn't work. I cannot estimate how many chickens the load was but it was estimated at 37,000 lbs so it would be tens of thousands of chickens.
    The whole load going to landfill. Then there is the smelly/stinking trailer - formerly a refrigerated trailer. I wonder if they can clean that, the trailer would be worth a fortune, as would the truck.
    I hope the penalty suits the crime.....

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