On September 25th five years ago, Lexington deputies found Andrew Phillip Powell dead of a gunshot wound.

Detectives had been called to Powell's residence at 225 Goodwin Road in Gaston by Powell's stepfather, who found Andrew's body in the corner of the living room after having arrived home at about 4:00AM.

A statement released by Sheriff James Metts... stated that investigators have identified “persons of interest,” going on to say that “it appears that the shooting was not a random act.”

According to Lexington County Sheriff's Department Lt. Scottie Friar, multiple people were involved in the incident... Friar did indicate that the suspects entered the residence, and appeared to “know their way around.” He said that there was evidence of a struggle, and that efforts were made to restrict Powell’s movement. Powell was then shot in the torso. A getaway car appears to have also been close to Powell’s house. Friar also pointed out that narcotics were discovered in the house during the investigation...

Friar says that the case isn’t necessarily what they consider cold. "We are close… there’s just that one phone call. Just one person to come forward," says Friar.