LaKisha was last seen the morning of June 13, 2008 at the house she shared with her cousin. "I ended up going to get some breakfast. When I came back, her clothes and everything was ironed on the bed, bath water was ran, but she wasn't there," said Sandy Stevenson, LaKisha's Cousin. The mother of three never returned...

The circumstances surrounding her disappearance led investigators to suspect foul play... they've followed up all credible tips, even searching a nearby cemetery. Then in October of 2010, investigators received a tip that LaKisha's body might be buried on property on North Bank Street... But after two days of searching, investigators were no closer to finding LaKisha Taylor.

Police have interviewed countless people, including LaKisha's estranged husband, even calling him a "person of interest" at one time. However, police stopped short of saying they have a suspect. "But if the person that thinks that they are a suspect hears this and they can read between the lines - this case is far from over," said Kraus.
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