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    OK - Tulsa couple charged in sexual abuse of 10yo boy


    A Tulsa woman and her boyfriend are in jail, accused of sexually abusing a ten-year-old boy. Police said the boy told his father about the abuse, who then called police...

    A blood relative of a 10-year-old boy is accused of having sex with him while her boyfriend watched. Police arrested Melissa Anderson and Michael Burris after the little boy went to the justice center and gave a detailed interview about how the abuse started around his 10th birthday and happened several times at different locations.

    The affidavit says he described the sex toys the couple used on each other and forced him to use on Anderson. He told them Anderson showed him pornography and had sex with him while Burris was present.

    Detective Danielle Bishop, TPD Child Crisis, said, "I'm tired. Tired of seeing what people do to their kids, what people do to their own kids, what strangers do to kids, it's very disheartening"...

    The affidavit says Anderson admitted showing pornography to the victim as a way to teach him about sex but she denied the rest. Burris told police he witnessed Anderson performing sex acts with the boy...

    Burris is in jail on two counts of sexual abuse of a child under the age of 12 and his bond is around $1 million. The little boy's relative is in jail on five counts and her bond is $2.5 million.
    BBM: Amen to that.

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    I hate when they say the abuser "had sex" with the victim. It's not sex. It's RAPE.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spurser View Post
    I hate when they say the abuser "had sex" with the victim. It's not sex. It's RAPE.
    I cannot say thank you enough. It seems much more common when women rape boys, it's terrifying. I recently had someone tell me how this guy they knew started having an affair with a married lady when he was 12. Wrong, he was 12 when she began raping him. He had always viewed it as rape, but somehow since he was a boy, he was not a victim.

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