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    Ireland - Connemara, Human remains in woods, Dec'06 - Arno Schmitz

    'Irish police have solved the mystery of an unidentified man whose body was found in a forest in Connemara in the west of Ireland in 2006.'

    The only clues to the man's identity were a backpack containing a Tropican fruit juice carton with a date of November 3rd, 2005 -which indicated the year he had died - and a pair of sunglasses purchased in Neumunster, Germany. They were not prescription though, so the optician there had no records of who made the purchase.

    Although there had been appeals throughout the years in Ireland, and a facial reconstruction was made in 2009, it was only circulated in Germany last year. When it was, two people came forward to say they recognized the man as Arno Schmitz, a former resident of Neumunster who had emigrated to Ireland. One was Arno's brother, who said he'd last spoken to his brother in Ireland around Christmas 2005 and hadn't heard from him since. Arno had never been reported missing.

    DNA and dental records finally confirmed Arno Schmitz's identity this week.


    Dental records and identification were crucial to this case, as Arno Schmitz was buried as a John Doe, long ago in County Galway. Forensic dentist Paul V Keogh of Kerry, matched the records in this case.

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