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    IL - Ania Kosinska, 34, & Victoria Kotlinski, 7, murdered, Chicago, 28 Sept 2014


    Friends of a woman who was found stabbed to death Sunday along with her 7-year-old daughter in their Northwest Side home said the woman had a troubled relationship with the father of their child.

    The woman, Ania Kosinska, 34, and her daughter Victoria Kotlinski, 7, were found in the home on the 3400 block of North Odell Avenue in the Belmont Heights neighborhood. An autopsy conducted today determined that both died of multiple stab and incised wounds and ruled their deaths homicides, according to the Cook County medical examiner's office.

    Police and friends say the suspect was the woman's live-in boyfriend who also was the father of their younger daughter, 5, who survived the attack.
    No arrests have been made.

    Ania's FB: https://www.facebook.com/aniakosinska.maciekkotlinski

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    Police say a 35-year-old Chicago man has been charged in the stabbing deaths of his girlfriend and his 7-year-old daughter.

    Police say Maciej Kotlinski faces two counts of first-degree murder in connection with Sunday morning's slayings. Police say they were called when Kotlinski showed up at a family member's Waukegan home with only one of his daughters and exhibited suicidal behavior. Waukegan police say he told them he had "harmed his family."

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    I will never understand it. RIP dear lady and little lady.
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    December 2016, translated by Google:


    December 8 this year around noon, Maciej Kotliński stood before the criminal court in the District of Cook. In prison's beige uniform, wire glasses, without handcuffs on his arms and legs, escorted by one policeman, though the crime he was accused of was particularly cruel. Tackled, appearing broken or suppressed by medication, Kotliński faced judge Lawrence Flood. The so-called. the hearing status, i.e. periodic seeing of the accused and the parties with the judge, lasted for one and a half minutes. The date of the next visit was set for January 24. On December 8, Kotliński stood before the judge for the 28th time.

    - Collecting evidence continues, it is a time-consuming process, I think that it will take another year to start the process - says a representative of the Chicago prosecutor's office, who can not provide information on the taking of evidence. Analysis of the collected biological evidence is still ongoing, these in turn must be assessed by experts and experts. It is not known whether Kotliński's lawyer will apply for recognition of their client's insanity.
    July 2017:


    In this story there is everything - open conflict, mutual hatred, public laundering, and in the background - a loud Polonia murder, money and a known name of the Polish celebrity. There is also a personal drama by Małgorzata Kosińska, who may never see her granddaughter Gabrysi - the only one who survived the murder on Odell Street. And above all, is the drama of a child...

    A few days after the crime in Chicago, mother of murdered Anna landed - Małgorzata Kosińska, who took care of Gabrysia. She left a flat, a job and an elderly mother in Lodz. Her goal was to adopt a granddaughter who had an unimaginable trauma. A few weeks ago Małgorzata Kosińska called our editor to ask for help - she had not seen Gabrysi for six months. Our history begins here...

    "Law in Illinois does not give grandparents any special rights regarding grandchildren. I'm not saying that we have a good chance of winning this case. In my opinion, the chances of Ms Kosińska regaining her granddaughter are ten percent. Mrs. Kosinska, in the light of the regulations in force in Illinois, has the same right to file a petition for the adoption of Gabriela, like any random person, "says Anna Zwierzchowska-Spears, representing Kosinska.

    Małgorzata Kosińska emphasizes that if she was sure that Gabrysia would be good with Ewa, I would not fight for her. But, she says, "this child lives in misery and dirt. Ewa punishes her and tugs her. He abuses alcohol, which he drinks with psychotropics. " She is determined, she is going to do everything she can to regain her granddaughter. "I have nothing to lose. If it is necessary, I will sell my flat, sell two apartments in Poland and go to war with DCFS. And with Ewa. "- Kosinska complains.

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