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    MI - Vincent Adamczak, 41, Wellston, 13 August 1995


    Adamczak was last seen in Wellston, Michigan on August 13, 1995. He has never been heard from again. His vehicle, a red or burgudy 1985 Plymouth Reliant with the Michigan license plate number JHH981, was later found near his home... Adamczak's disappearance wasn't reported until 2002.

    In September 2011, sixteen years after Adamczak's disappearance, Rosemary Stephanie Skrzycki was charged with his murder... In January 2012, she pleaded no contest to a reduced charge of being an accessory after the fact, admitted she'd witnessed the murder, and agreed to cooperate with authorities in the investigation. Skrzycki was sentenced to five years in prison. Later that year, Peter Lee Peterson was charged with Adamczak's murder. Investigators believe Adamczak was shot to death during a gathering at Peterson's home. Investigators found a bone fragment, later identified as human, when they searched the residence.

    Two northern Michigan men have been charged with murder in the disappearance of another man 19 years ago.

    It's the second time that charges have been filed against Pete Peterson. The first case was dropped in 2012 by the Manistee County prosecutor before an important court hearing...

    The state says Peterson and Robert Knauss are expected to appear in court Wednesday on first-degree murder charges.

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    Two men were formally charged with murder in a northern Michigan cold case. Robert Knauss and Pete Peterson remain behind bars as they wait for their day in court.

    The two are accused of killing Vincent Adamczak who has been missing for nearly 20 years.

    In 19th circuit court Monday, Robert Knauss, through his attorney, entered a plea of not-guilty to a charge of 1st degree pre-meditated murder. Moments later his co-defendant, Pete Peterson, stood mute to that same charge, plus a felony firearm charge, also related to the disappearance of Vincent Adamczak.

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    I want to hear Rosemary Stephanie Skrzycki's story.

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    Cold case defendant to stay behind bars
    04.03.2015 at 5:50 PM

    In the fall of 2014 Peterson and Knauss were arrested and charged with the killing.

    Since then, Peterson’s attorney has been arguing to allow his client out on bond, saying that he is a lifelong member of the community, isn’t a flight risk, and isn’t a danger to the community.

    Each time, the judge has said no.

    “The danger to the public in light of the fact that there are witnesses in the community who could be threatened and challenged with respect to their testimony,” said Judge William Fagerman of the 28th Circuit Court. “The court finds that it’s appropriate to continue to remand defendant Peterson until this matter is concluded.”

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    2 men convicted of first-degree murder in death of northern Michigan man 20 years ago
    Posted: June 10, 2015 - 8:12 pm

    Two northern Michigan men have been convicted of first-degree murder in the death of another man 20 years ago.

    Vincent Adamczak, a 41-year-old from Wellston, was reported missing in 2002, although he hadn't been seen since 1995. A jury in Manistee County convicted Pete Peterson and Robert Knauss.

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