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    OK - Geneva Robinson dressed up as witch to abuse 7yo girl, Oklahoma City, 2014


    Geneva Robinson, 49, was arrested Tuesday after she took a 7-year-old girl in her custody to the hospital because she “could not control” the child any more, according to a police report.

    The girl appeared to be malnourished, had bruises and cuts all over her body and showed signs of being tied up, police said...

    The girl said Robinson, who called herself “Nelda” when she dressed as a witch, would take a dog leash and hang the girl from the garage ceiling by leashes underneath her armpits and and tell her “the creatures in the attic were going to come get her,” according to the report.

    Police said the child was "malnourished and very thin,” her "armpits were bruised with small cuts” and "her face had scratches and whelps on it.” They also said "the back of her neck had scarring" and "along her jaw line she had whelps and bruising." Reports state the child's skin was coming off her infected ankles.

    Hospital workers called DHS, and the little girl told them Robinson "would dress up as a witch, wearing a green mask, and would take her out to the garage, bind her up at night and make her sleep on a pair of jeans, because she was in trouble"...

    Police showed up to Robinson's house, and they said as soon as they walked into the garage, they saw "a pink dog leash hanging with a black dog leash connected and attached to the garage door railings on the ceiling." They also found a "horse whip" and "dagger" along with a witch hat, black wig, and "hooded cloak with red eyes costume." They said the items are evidence that backs up the child's story.
    There were three other kids in the home, ages 5-8, and they were all taken into protective custody.

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    Stop the madness.

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    People are just sick.

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    It's weird that the police "did not say if Robinson is the mother of any of the children." uh? Why not? Either she is the mother or not. Causes me to wonder if they are fostered to her.

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    What an evil creature. LOck her up, throw away the key!
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    An Oklahoma City woman arrested in September following accusations that she dressed as a witch to terrorize and abuse young children was arrested again this week, along with her boyfriend, after police said they found additional evidence of abuse.

    Geneva Robinson, 49, and Joshua Granger, 31, were arrested Wednesday on complaints of child abuse and neglect. They were booked into Oklahoma County jail, where they were being held Friday in lieu of $200,000 bail.

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    Why weren't these two behind bars from the abuse discovered in September? The article makes it sound like they were free and are now in jail? Why, Why, Why?
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    The mask would seem superfluous...

    I can't imagine the horror a child must have experienced at the hands of this pair. What a strange, horrendous crime.


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    They should have made her take off the witch costume before taking her mug shot. Oh wait, that's her real face. What a monster.

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    Grandmother. Wow. This 49 year old grandmother appears far older than 49. What a rhymes with witch.
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    so is she their mother or grandmother? or neither?

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    As a grandmother this makes me feel ill. I can't imagine! Nasty witch.

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    Police say that they have identified another victim, Robinson's 7-year-old grandson, and have also pressed charges against Robinson's boyfriend Joshua Granger who allegedly taped the abuse.

    Granger's abusive alter-ego was allegedly referred to as 'Crew Crow.'

    WWLP reports that Robinson is accused of using scissors to cut the boy's fingers as punishment because he 'cut the hair of a doll.'

    Court documents say cell phone video shows Robinson abusing the children, grabbing one by the hair and face and dragging a child across the living room floor.


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    Those poor children. Sometimes I just have no words.
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    The trial has yet to be held, and these allegations in part remind of those which propelled the out-of-control witch hunts on a national scale which ruined reputations even though unfounded 25 or 30 years ago -- the so-called satanic ritual abuse cases.

    So let us see what is further to transpire and then let us hope as always that justice will rule the day.

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