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    IN - Michelle Fulton, 34, murdered, Paoli, 18 June 2014


    Fulton's wife Michelle was reported missing on June 18, by a friend from Jasper... Investigators exhausted all leads and angles into the case, and the investigation became stalled...

    Last week, investigators received new information into a possible location of Fulton, leading them to obtain a search warrant on Wednesday for property at the couple's home at 6226 South County Road 250 East, (Valeene Rd.) in Paoli.

    Hensley says bones and other remains were found in a wooded area. He says the remains haven't been identified, and anthropologists continued excavating the site Thursday.

    Hensley says Michelle Fulton disappeared more than four months ago.

    After finding human remains in the woods, police are charging Michelle's husband, 48-year-old Jeffrey Fulton with murder. Police say Michelle is originally from the Philippines. Neighbors say the couple kept to themselves.

    According to a missing persons report filed with the Orange County Sheriff's Office, Michelle hasn't been seen since June 18, when she was dropped off at a K-Mart in Jasper, Indiana. It was July 10 when a CPS worker notified the sheriff's office.

    The report says Michelle's cousin was the one to contact authorities. In an incident narrative the detective writes, "There was concern that her husband Jeffrey had something to do with her disappearance."
    Michelle's FB: https://www.facebook.com/michelle.fulton.37

    Jeff's FB: https://www.facebook.com/jeff.fulton.520

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    Per his FB - both his kids seemed mortified & embarrassed at their restaurant birthday celebrations this summer.
    But what stood out most were questions from Michelle's family. "Where is my cousin?" "Did you murder Michelle?" & more.

    I glad the louse got caught... poor kids.

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    Lanham later learned from the Department of Child Services that the two children were removed from the Fulton home and placed in foster care. As the investigation continued, it was learned that a text message from Jeffrey Fulton to one of the children stated, as the affidavit reads, “if they prove the horrible thing that happened that (the child) would not see him for a long time.” On Aug. 6, police received a search warrant for the children’s cell phones. Among messages found was one from Jeffrey Fulton directing one of the children not to tell the authorities “anything about anything.”

    On Sept. 24, Lanham contacted Staggs and said he had learned from foster parents of one of the children wanted to talk. The child told authorities that the original story about the mother’s disappearance wasn’t true and was one that Jeffrey had instructed the child to tell... When the child asked about the whereabouts of the mother, Jeffrey would not answer. The child told authorities of arriving at home and noticing the kitchen floor was clean and noticing the smell of Pine Sol, which the child said was unusual. The child stated Jeffrey had been cleaning the floor on a regular basis since the mother’s disappearance. No other areas of the house were being routinely cleaned.

    Authorities, on Wednesday, received a search warrant for the Fulton residence. A letter was found in Jeffrey’s bedroom. It was addressed to one of the children and was “talking about digging up (the child’s) mother’s body and about sending him to prison.”

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    Investigators said testimony from his wife's two children, a 16-year-old boy and 13-year-old girl, led to a search warrant for their property. There, police say human bones -- one from the wrist and one from the foot -- were found in a burn pit and field behind the house.

    Police say the kids claim Fulton, who is their stepfather, admitted to hitting their mother over the head with a frying pan and choking her.

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    The terror, pain and anguish those poor kids must have been experiencing 24/7 wondering perhaps if they were next to be disappeared.
    Just My Opinion

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    State police say investigators investigating a tip believe they have found more remains of a southern Indiana woman missing since June...

    State police said Friday more remains were found in an open field near the home... DNA testing is planned.

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    April 2016:


    A southern Indiana man has been sentenced to 28 years for killing his wife whose burnt remains were found behind the couple's home.

    Fifty-year-old Jeffrey Fulton of Paoli was sentenced Monday after pleading guilty to voluntary manslaughter in the 2014 slaying of 34-year-old Michelle Fulton.

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