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    NY - Jerald 'Dee Dee' Goldsmith, 52, Buffalo, 1 Oct 2014

    The body of 52-year-old Mom of seven, Jerald Goldsmith, was discovered brutally murdered on steps near Masten Park, Buffalo around 8am Thursday.

    Jerald, who was also a grandmom, worked as an overnight housekeeper cleaning dorms at the University of Buffalo. The man who found her, who asked not to be identified, said she had a lot of trauma to her face.

    We 'embraced' the missing Bob Harrod case as requested but 6 years on, are still waiting for further guidance

    Flyers/FB/Case Overview&Media Links

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    Buffalo police are still attempting to solve the murder of a mother of seven who was murdered in October...

    Crimestoppers is also pitching in. They’re offering a $1,000 reward for anybody who can offer information that leads to the arrest of any suspect in connection with the case.

    Goldsmith’s family was outraged... “This is not something that just randomly happened,” Her brother, Mark Goldsmith, said. “Things built up to this. To leave her the way she was left would be a level of rage. This would be the end of it.”

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    I hope all who knew her are bringing the names forward of anyone who she knew or was involved with. Some rage killers do not need to kill the person who angers them. Anyone of the same sex will do, they kill "her" again and again, but the rage only goes away temporarily. Those are very hard cases to solve. Prayers for Ms. Goldsmith and her loved ones.
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    October 1st, 2015:

    The family of a homicide victim held a vigil this morning, and asked for help in finding her killer one year after her death.
    52 year old Jerald "Dee Dee" Goldsmith was found dead in Buffalo's Masten Park a year ago today...

    Today a mural was unveiled where her body was found. Her brother says that the mural represents peace and change.

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