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    Man gets naked at Atlanta airport, gets ignored, then tasered

    A man decided to get naked at Atlanta's Hartsfield Jackson Airport, and everyone ignored him. So much so, that one witness began to wonder if he was the only person who could actually see 23-year-old Derrick Weems standing naked at Delta's departure gate. He took a video just to be sure.

    After what seemed like an age (but police say was only seven minutes) officers arrived. Sadly, Weems began jumping up and down, waving his arms and getting agitated at that stage, and police had to taser him. He has been charged with disorderly conduct, evaluated at a mental health facility and released.

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    Gregory Evans said there was no panic and Delta Gate agents didn't seem bothered of the incident. He said it took police too long to get to Weems and once they did, they did not move passengers from the area.

    "They were acting like there was no naked guy standing 10 feet away from them. Like they go through this all the time," Evans said via Skpe.
    so he thinks that if there is a naked guy in the airport the airline agents should respond by panicking and losing their cool? that would help how?

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    And surely when no one appeared to notice his nakedness, the perp's ego was wilted.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AlwaysShocked View Post
    And surely when no one appeared to notice his nakedness, the perp's ego was wilted.
    I blame the TSA. He probably just went through security. He wasn't a hardened criminal so they let him go.

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