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    OK - Tiffany Maher, 38, murdered in her Tahlequah home, 31 May 2013


    A convicted sex offender accused of killing a Northeastern State University professor and setting her body on fire inside her Tahlequah home last year has been bound over for trial. Cherokee County prosecutors wrapped up their case against Joshua J. Schneider in front of Associate District Judge Mark Dobbins Wednesday morning...

    Schneiderís ex-girlfriend, Heather Black, testified during the first day of the preliminary hearing in August that Schneider confessed to tying up Maher and strangling her with a pillowcase before trying to set Maherís body and home ablaze.

    Black testified that Schneider claimed he had been ďblackmailedĒ when Maher learned he was an unregistered sex offender. He allegedly told Black he bound Maherís hands and feet, suffocated her, then tried to set fires in several places of her home.

    Black also reportedly told investigators that Schneider had, at the beginning of June, come home with a karaoke machine with CDs, a small computer, a Kindle Fire e-book reader, a DVD player, and a television. Also missing from Maher's home was her car. It was found in the parking lot of a south Tulsa apartment complex..

    The report shows investigators searched Maher's office computer and found that she visited dating websites like plentyoffish.com and okcupid.com. A search of her phone records also turned up a cell phone number with the name "Big Daddy" entered.

    Records from Amazon told investigators that the Kindle Fire was de-registered on May 28 and re-registered the same day to a "Big Daddy." That account had Schneider's information attached. Investigators were able to obtain his home address in Broken Arrow from that...

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    Thank Goodness that Big Daddy was an idiot and registered the stolen kindle with his name and address attached.
    ďEvery day that they donít find something is good for me.ď Billie Dunn

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    Poor lady...

    In this day and age, I would never meet up with a potential romantic partner I met on one of the more mainstream dating sites. I mean, he'd have to go through a BCI and FBI background check.

    Having said that, I met my husband on match.com 13 years ago...but the internet world was a LOT different then. I think it was still in its infancy, in terms of nuts being out there, and taking advantage of people. There were some, to be sure...but they weren't as savvy as they are today.


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    After he was charged with the 2013 murder of a Northeastern State University professor, Joshua J. Schneider sent hand-written letters to the Tahlequah Daily Press, asking that “the people hear what I have to say.” But his court-appointed attorney, Crystal Jackson, now hopes for a change of venue, due in part to “extensive local newspaper coverage”...

    Schneider was, until this week, set for jury trial in January, but an agreement between Jackson and prosecutors has postponed it until a tentative May 2015 date.

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    Doesn't he realize that his need to control every aspect of the trial (date, place) just screams "Guilty Controlling Psycho" to all of us WSer's?? Next, he will want to represent himself, believing he alone can talk himself out of state prison!
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    Jurors recommend three life sentences for killer
    Posted: Saturday, May 30, 2015 12:30 am

    Jurors recommended a Broken Arrow man be sentenced to three life sentences, one without parole, in the death of a Northeastern State University professor.

    Joshua John Schneider, 35, was found guilty Friday of murdering Tiffany Maher, stealing her possessions and burning her home. He was sentenced on first-degree murder, first-degree arson and larceny of the house.

    Schneider met and murdered Maher, 38, an NSU chemistry professor, through an online dating service in May 2013. And then, he stole her possessions and sold them at resale stores and pawn shops.

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