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    VA - Vicky Purdy, 53, & Ricky Dodson, 53, Bassett, 3 October 2013


    Ricky Dodson's mother and daughter want answers. A year ago, Vicky Purdy was found shot to death in her burned-out car. Two months later, the remains of her boyfriend, Ricky Dodson, were found near the Henry/Franklin County line...

    “I have no idea who could have done this. I know they have a suspicion of a couple of people,” said mother, Polly Dodson.

    Henry County Sheriff’s Investigator Mike Hooper stated that in the days before Oct. 4, Purdy contacted investigators in Henry County about providing information on drug activity in the Bassett area, the affidavit stated. Purdy had given drug information in the past and used a digital audio recorder, according to court documents... the recorder was not found with Purdy’s remains or in the burned vehicle, the affidavit stated.

    However, a silver-colored recorder was among items seized in a search of a Bassett home on Oct. 16, records showed. Items seized also included a swab of brown stain, trunk liner from a car, a black stocking cap, jacket, mask, two swabs of red stain, blue jeans that belonged to a man, and DNA buccal swabs from two people, according to the court records. A man who lives in that home told two Franklin County sheriff’s investigators that Purdy and Dodson were at his home on Oct. 4 “to pick up an ‘item,’” the affidavit stated. Dodson had not been seen since that meeting, it added.

    Purdy’s cell telephone data contained text messages to that man’s cell phone that indicated she was buying products and owed him money, the affidavit stated. Also, Dodson’s phone records show the last call made on his phone was at 9:33 a.m. Oct. 4 near the Bassett home that was searched, it added.

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    Prescription drugs? or street drugs........Oxycontin perhaps?....She was killed because they believed her to be a snitch. He was killed because he knew whom killed her and was afraid he would talk. After her death he recieved some money from a life insurance policey I believe and was going to give some to the killer/killers and pay them the money they owed. He did-not and was killed for it.............

    Just an out of the box theory based on nothing more than speculation to what I read from the links you posted.

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