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    "Extraordinary synod" showdown as Church gathers in Rome

    Catholic bishops gather in Rome for 'extraordinary synod' as reformers try to overturn longstanding Church rules

    • Pope Francis is believed to want the Church reformers to succeed
    • A close ally of the Pope has proposed allowing the divorced and remarried to take Holy Communion
    • Conservative Catholic officials totally opposed to this move believing it is a threat to the principle of marriage
    • Church does not recognise divorces dispensed by civil courts and regards people who have remarried as adulterers
    story, pictures, video at DM link above

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    I haven't followed church goings-on as closely as I used to, but there has been a push since at least the early 90s to adopt the guidelines used by the Orthodox churches when it comes to divorce/remarriage/communion. Being the only other ancient church, and close in theology to the RCC, their practices and the reasoning behind them hold a great deal of weight inside the RCC. I'm hoping that with the closeness Benedict enjoyed with the Ecumenical Patriarch and the esteem in which held (and holds) Orthodox theology, that there might be movements towards adopting such practices even among the more conservative theologians.

    Should be an interesting synod!

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