A 4 thousand years old construction found in Russia

Two years ago, Russian archeologist Ilya Akhmedov made a sensational discovery: he found an ancient construction resembling the English Stonehenge near the site of ancient settlement of Staraya Ryazan (now this is a big Russian city), in the village Spasskaya Luka. It was estimated that the construction is 4 thousand years old. This discovery is smaller than the English analogue and is made of wood.

This is astonishing, but similar discoveries were later made all over Eurasia within the next two years. Not amateurs but rather experienced researchers discovered these ancient observatories. As a rule, all of these constructions are based upon the same principle: on the day of the summer and winter solstice the sunrays fall upon some definite spot of a sanctuary made of megalith stones or wood. This is strange that none of the researchers has made an attempt to compare these discovered observatories and find out their common principles.

In June 2005, a new expedition of astronomers headed by journalist and orientalist Andrey Polyakov left for Staraya Ryazan. The researcher is known for his expeditions to Ararat and Nakhichevan in search of Noah"s Ark.