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    TX - Rita Salton, 43, shot to death, Houston, 6 Oct 2014

    Police believe 43-year-old Rita Salton, a mother of four, was shot multiple times during an armed robbery, but relatives are convinced it was a jilted ex-boyfriend who did it.

    "Because I know the history of what was going on," said Gina Gabba, the victim's cousin. "It's some things that were recent."

    Salton was walking to her car just after 4:30 on her way to a job driving a van for the disabled. Her body was later found between two buildings. Police said items appeared to be taken from her but wouldn't say what.

    Though plenty of witnesses heard the shots, apparently no one got a look at the shooter.

    Family members are now mourning the loss.

    Rita's Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/rita.salton?
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    According to the Houston Police Department, Damon Jonard James is charged with murder in the death of Rita Joyce Salton...

    Further investigation identified James, who had a previous dating relationship with Salton, as a suspect in this case.

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    For over a year now, a Texas family has been looking for closure after police say 42-year-old Damon James killed his ex-girlfriend, Rita Salton.

    Tuesday, we got confirmation from Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott that the man who died in the shootout in front of Byron Road Apartments is the same man the Salton family has been looking for...

    She was gunned down in October of 2014 while on her way to work, leaving behind four young children. Police in Texas arrested her former boyfriend, Damon James, charging him murder. But after he posted bond, he fled.

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