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    Pizza Hut customer described as 'Pink Fat Lady' on receipt

    Pizza hut in Singapore have apologised unreservedly after a staff member wrote 'Pink Fat Lady' on her receipt, to identify her. Then handed the lady the receipt.

    'Aili Si on Sunday posted on Pizza Hut Singapore's Facebook page a photo of the receipt, saying she felt insulted at the description.
    "I don't think it is nice for your staff to describe me as such on my receipt," she wrote in a comment accompanying the photo which showed the receipt for her take out order...I feel insulted. What's wrong being plus size? I'm a customer n I pay for my pizza! Not that I'm getting it for free!" '

    Pizza Hut later issued a statement apologising "unreservedly" and confirmed it had launched an investigation into the matter.
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    Well, they never said it was something wrong with being fat, just described her as such. If she says being fat is ok, then why the commotion?

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