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    DND till 2418: Hubert Rochereau's chambre coucher

    Annals of the Great War

    French soldier’s room unchanged 96 years after his death in first world war (Guardian)

    The name of dragoons officer Hubert Rochereau is commemorated on a war memorial in Blbre, his native village in central France, along with those of other young men who lost their lives in the first world war.

    But Rochereau also has a much more poignant and exceptional memorial: his room in a large family house in the village has been preserved with his belongings for almost 100 years since his death in Belgium.
    He died in an English field ambulance on 26 April 1918, a day after being wounded during fighting for control of the village of Loker, in Belgium.
    The parents of the young officer kept his room exactly as it was the day he left for the battlefront. When they decided to move in 1935, they stipulated in the sale that Rochereau’s room should not be changed for 500 years.
    much more at links

    The French soldier's bedroom that has lain untouched for almost a century: Officer's room was
    preserved in his memory after his death in 1918 - and could remain unchanged for another 400 years
    (Daily Mail)

    Frozen in time: WWI bedroom and more perfectly preserved relics from a cannibal ship to a 118-year-old sandwich (Mirror)

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    What a wonderful story. Thank you for posting. I want to pull it out of bizarre and take it to news that makes you smile. It's tragic, but also so full of hope somehow. So glad the current owners have chosen to continue to honor someone gone for so long

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