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    Human remains eaten by bear.

    The man is believed to have passed some time between Wednesday and Saturday of last week, his bones were found the following Monday(two days ago.) It is believed that he died of natural causes, however the bear suspected of consuming the man's remains will be euthanized if found.


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    It's upsetting when human remains are scavenged. And I understand why animals who kill people are killed. But.....I can't help feeling that a bear which stumbles over a corpse might not necessarily have to be killed? Especially when the article says there hasn't been a documented bear death since the 1870s there, and there is no indication yet, that the man was attacked.
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    Maybe they are afraid the bear might develop a taste for human flesh?

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    They could catch it and relocate it or put it in a zoo.

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    On the bright side, it sounds like they don't exactly have high hopes of finding the bear in question. I'm guessing his end will either be natural or a hunter.(I'm not sure if he is located where hunters can hunt, but I know they do issue bear tags up here.)

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