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    OK - Samantha Monden, 30, dead, 4 injured in gunfight at OKC motel, 8 Oct 2014


    Police say the gunfight started with a call to police of a possible kidnapping. “They received a call by a woman who claimed to be kidnapped and held against her will,” said Capt. Dexter Nelson, with the Oklahoma City Police Department.

    Captain Nelson says when two officers arrived to the motel room, they were met with gunfire.

    Police say Shane Rhea then used Monden as a human shield trying to escape down the interstate. “He held the woman from behind using her as a shield. He then shot her,” said Nelson.

    With Monden killed, MSgt. Jeff Locke returned fire, shooting Rhea.

    The 30-year-old Lexington woman who was killed during a shootout near a southeast Oklahoma City motel last week died of a contact range, perforating gunshot wound to the head, a spokeswoman for the state medical examiner’s office reported Wednesday.

    Samantha Rae Monden’s death has been ruled a homicide, a spokeswoman reported.

    Other significant medical conditions include a perforating gunshot wound to her right forearm, the medical examiner’s office reported.

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    The 911 call that led to a police shoot-out last week at a southeast Oklahoma City motel came from a 19-year-old woman who police had not previously disclosed as a witness, authorities said Wednesday.

    The woman, whose name was not released, called police claiming she had been drugged and was being held hostage at the Plaza Inn motel...

    Despite the apparent emergency, about 35 minutes passed between the time the woman called 911 and when the first officer arrived at the motel, according to police dispatch notes.

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    A man accused of killing a woman last month during a shoot-out near a southeast Oklahoma City motel has been charged with murder and eight other felonies.

    Shane Leon Rhea, 40, was charged Friday in Oklahoma County District Court with first-degree murder, four counts of shooting with intent to kill, two counts of pointing a firearm at another, assault and battery with a deadly weapon and kidnapping.

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    I've been hesitant to say anything, but I know this guy. Well, not that I ever met him in person (or ever wanted to), but I've listened to first-hand stories about Shane Rhea for years. The guy has never been good news, as his rap sheet amply attests.

    Anyway, 911 tapes released:


    The 19-year-old was convinced someone was following her. She was put in the back of a police car and then officers showed up at the hotel.

    The young woman called 911 again from the back of the police cruiser. “They're trying to shoot me. They're looking for me,” she said. “Please hurry, please hurry, please hurry.”

    By this time, officers had been in a shootout at the hotel. The caller was still in the backseat of a police car and still convinced someone was after her and gave the dispatcher a description.

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    “We knocked on the door and we were met immediately with gunfire,” said Oklahoma City police Sgt. Cody Koelsch.

    “It seemed almost instantly I heard the first round go off,” said Oklahoma City police Sgt. Grant Brooks...

    “I looked down and could see a red circle on my arm and thought I have just been shot. This is not good,” remembers Brooks.

    Blakely said he looked at every possibility for rescuing Samantha Monden, the woman with whom he had locked eyes, the woman being held hostage 15 feet from his car.

    "Everything just kind of slowed down," Blakely said. "I can tell you how the feet were moving, I can tell you how hair was blowing, I can tell you the stance where everybody was at."

    Blakely said the suspect, Shane Rhea, was dragging Monden with a gun to her head. "She and I made eye contact," Blakely said. "She just looked at me with this plea of absolutely [sic] help."

    Rhea then was surrounded on all sides, while he still held Monden as a shield. He began to walk backward off the highway and toward a service road, and Locke followed him, Prater said.

    When Rhea got to the west curb of the service road, he stepped off but Monden lost her balance. As she was falling, Rhea’s body became exposed to the officers.

    “Locke began to squeeze the trigger of his rifle,” Prater wrote. “Rhea executed Monden by shooting her behind her right ear. Locke discharged his rifle almost simultaneously to Rhea’s shot. Monden fell to the ground just before Rhea fell.”

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    A metro man accused of wounding two police officers and killing a woman following a shootout at a local hotel will go to trial...

    Both officers testified in court that Rhea pulled the trigger. Randall Williams, who remains confined to a wheelchair, also testified against Rhea...

    Prosecutors say they’re strongly considering seeking the death penalty in the case.

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    Oklahoma City Police Sgt. Cody Koelsch gave a tearful account of the chaos that ensued when he and his partners knocked on the door of a motel room. During the questioning, Rhea allegedly pulled out a gun and shot Koelsch and Officer Grant Brooks...

    Prosecutors also presented surveillance video from the motel showing an officer taking cover behind a car after getting shot. "I tried to draw my weapon and realized I couldn't grip my gun... I looked down and saw blood and realized I had been shot," recalled Brooks...

    Randell Williams was also allegedly shot by Rhea during the incident and is now paralyzed. He said it was difficult to testify because he had to go through all of it again. Still, he told the court he was in disbelief when Rhea pulled out a gun because he "couldn't imagine anyone having the mentality to start shooting at officers."

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    A man charged with killing a woman and injuring two Oklahoma City police officers back in 2014 will be spending the rest of his life in prison and pleading guilty in court, Thursday afternoon.

    Shane Rhea had faced the death penalty in this case, but instead he's pleaded guilty to all eight counts and will serve the rest of his life in prison...

    And Rhea not only waived his right to a trial in this case, he also waived his rights to any appeals.

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