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    Brazil - Serial Killer Tiago Rocha Killed 39 People

    Brazilian police say they've captured a man who has confessed to 39 murders.

    Investigator Norton Ferreira in the city of Goiania says Thursday that police linked a gun found in the home of suspect Tiago Rocha to the killings of at least six women this year.

    Ferreira says that since his arrest Thursday, the 26-year-old Rocha has confessed to at least 33 other murders in the country's Midwest dating back to early 2013, including several other young women and some homeless people.

    His lawyer says he confessed to crimes he didn't commit.

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    A police official who had been present at the interrogations told a Brazilian TV channel Rocha referred to his victims only by the numbers one to 39.

    He said: "We have been shocked by his coldness."

    Police say Rocha was driven by an inner "fury" and a sense of feeling "against everything", which would only subside when he committed murder.
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    Wow, just read about this. Killed 39 over 3 years....


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