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    Man on vacation in Bali gets a long rash; finds it's.....

    An Australian man took a vacation in Bali. Got a red line, moving up from his bellybutton to his chest. Doctors there, prescribed antihistamines.

    But it kinda burned, so when he got home, he visited his own physicians. Who found a tiny spider had burrowed right on in there and up, and they needed to cut it out.


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    That is absolutely horrible. I am a nature lover, but not that sort of nature, not when nature burrows into the human body and keep burrowing along like that.

    How horrible...shudder!!!

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    Spiderman. Maybe he develop super powers.

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    ew ew ew ew that is all
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    I have a friend that surfs in Bali often. On one trip years ago, when he was in college, he came home with a red bump on his cheek... he assumed that it was a pimple. He was sitting in class and the "pimple" burst and out crawled 10's of teeny tiny baby spiders. A spider had laid her nest in his face! He had to have the site cleaned, packed and stitched as it had left quite a hole!

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