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    AL - Acie, 68, & Carolyn Worthy, 55, McCalla, 15 Oct 1989


    Baker had only been assigned to the Tuscaloosa County Metro Homicide Unit for a few months when the Worthys were found shot to death in their home that was burned to the ground on the night of Oct. 15, 1989...

    Evidence linked the deaths to homicides of a wealthy Graceville, Fla., couple nine months earlier. Robert and Kathryn McRae were shot execution-style in a similar home-invasion robbery. Two ski masks were found at their home in northwest Florida, suggesting that at least two people were responsible...

    Although the Worthys were wealthy, investigators don't believe the killers were primarily after money or high-dollar items. A criminal profiler suggested a much more chilling motive. “It could be a serial-type murderer who enjoys the kill,” Baker said. “Very little was taken.”

    Investigators think the Worthys were stalked and later killed. Nine months later, so were the McRaes.

    As far as the suspects, investigators believe they might have been professionals, or close to it.

    “It seems like the suspects were really dressed up for this. It's actually like they were mercenaries on a hunt. It's far beyond just a normal robbery. There were sophisticated things used during these murders that you wouldn't normally find on your average robber," said Loyd Baker, Deputy Chief of the Tuscaloosa County Sheriff's Office.

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    Totally bizarre, especially linked to the other. Wonder if there are even more. My sincere sympathies to the families. This must be a nightmare not knowing.

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