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    Halloween run-up: "Witch bottle" found, Newark-on-Trent UK

    Daily Fail....er, Mail:

    'Witch bottle' unearthed in Newark: 330-year-old vessel was filled with hair and urine to ward off evil spirits

    ‣ Witch bottle was found during restoration of Old Magnus Building, Newark
    ‣ It is 6-inches tall (15cm), and experts have dated it to around 1680
    ‣ It was found placed carefully in the ground and is perfectly preserved
    ‣ Green vessel is believed to have been used to ward off evil spirits
    ‣ Archaeologists said such bottles were filled with hair, fingernails and urine
    ‣ British folklore tradition dates back to the 15th century
    ‣ Suspicious people believed that by placing items that linked a homeowner
    ...to the property it would successfully stop evil forces penetrating the walls
    with pictures, sidebar; quite interesting

    Witch bottle (Wiki)

    How to make a witch bottle (paganwiccan.about.com)

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    I have a "witch's ball" hanging in the window at the top of the stairs. It doesn't contain urine/fingernails etc...
    England's dancing days are done...

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    Another recent UK story, found whilst using the search term "witch bottle":

    'We don't sacrifice animals and dance around naked': A real life witches' coven (Essex Chronicle)

    The spells the group cast vary from sending out positive energy to someone who might need it, to spells to aid weight loss.

    "We used to have a woman in the coven who wanted to lose weight, so she made herself a witch's bottle, and put in a piece of her hair, some chocolate, things like that. Then she buried it in her back garden.

    "She lost the weight, but it's also a case of mind over matter."
    Ah -- ain't it the case always.

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