Ronnie “Doug” Sutton Jr., 48 when he disappeared from Asheboro in 2012, has never been located. His charcoal gray 1994 Nissan pickup was found at the Sheets Gap Overlook on the Parkway on Oct. 18, 2012, the same day he was reported missing to police... Sutton’s relatives hadn’t seen him since Oct. 14, 2012.

The only thing that ties Sutton to Wilkes is the discovery of his truck and the assumption that he’s the one who drove it to the overlook, said Maj. David Carson of the Wilkes Sheriff’s Department.

The case has been open for two years and nothing has surfaced to explain why Sutton would leave Asheboro and drive two and a half hours to an area where he had no known connection. “We haven’t received any tips, leads or information in the case,” said Carson.
MSM coverage from 2012:

Gunderson said Sutton possibly was suicidal. He was described as a white male, weighing about 200 pounds and with gray hair and blue eyes...

Gunderson said federal and state park personnel searched all federal property, as well as adjoining private property in some instances, between the Northwest Trading Post at Milepost 258.6 on the south and N.C. 18 intersection with the Parkway at Milepost 248.1 on the north. This included about 10 miles of the Mountains to the Sea Trail in both directions from Sheets Gap Overlook.

Gunderson said Sutton’s computer in Asheboro and his financial records were checked but didn’t produce any pertinent information. He said Sutton doesn’t have a criminal history.