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    KS - Beverly Ward, 13, Junction City, 4 July 1978


    Police think someone came in through her bedroom window, after cutting the screen and tossing it aside. Beverly was wearing a green nightgown; asleep one minute, gone the next. It's been at least 35 years since the little girl was taken. One theory is Beverly died a long time ago, at the hands of someone who's never been brought to justice, but as of right now, no one knows for sure...

    There were three, possibly four, people in the home at the time she vanished all family members... Beverly's family never was suspected of any wrongdoing in the case...

    Fingerprint lifting was attempted at the time of the abduction, but none were discovered. Damage to the bedroom window was noted, and to Odell's knowledge, no other physical evidence exists in the case, though he soon will attempt to sift through stored evidence from 1978 to confirm this.

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    This website provides pictures of the site where her home was.


    Since that time, any talk among church members about what happened is in hushed tones. Some said that the mother, Bernia Mae Ward, had been involved in witchcraft at some point and wondered if that may have come into play. (She passed away in 2006. Screen shots have been added of the obituary that disappeared sometime in mid October 2012, after we linked to it. There is another mention of it here.) She attended Faith Tabernacle, but whether it started before or after the disappearance is unclear. Her husband, Carnell Ward, was not mentioned in any of the newspaper reports that I have seen and he died at some point before she did according to her obituary.

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    Bumping. That website from the second post is a comprehensive overview of this case.

    Charley Project


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    Police have asked the FBI to look at Beverly's case.

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