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    Darth Vader banned from voting, Chewbacca growls through media briefing

    Darth Vader has been banned from voting in Ukraine's elections because he wouldn't take his mask off, despite the fact he's standing as a candidate himself. Although disappointed, he's not surprised, saying: 'I thought that might happen.'

    Darth Alekseyevich Vader, an electrician who changed his name to the Star Wars villain, is one of 6 Darth Vaders from the Ukrainian Internet party (UIP). It also has a Chewbacca, a Princess Amidala and a Yoda. The party says if it wins the election, it wants to replace government officials with robots. Sadly, Chewbacca's in charge of briefing media on party policies, but all he does is growl at people so there isn't a lot more info on that subject.

    The UIP isn't expected to win any seats in the election.


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