Scientist Stephen Hawking has joined Facebook at the age of 72, and gained nearly a million followers in just six hours. His page is now nearing two million followers. Hawkins received the Presidential Medal of Freedom, in recognition of his groundbreaking work in the fields of theoretical physics and cosmology. He suffers from Motor Neuron Disease and is almost entirely paralyzed.

Not being a member of Facebook myself, I'm no expert, but the scientist seems to be familiarized with Facebook ways and trends already. He's already taken up the Ice Bucket Challenge (although because of his health and disability, his children are taking it on his behalf) and is also having a little fun; saying that 'some people think I'm an alien myself, with my robotic voice'. He's angling for invites to events too, Lol.

His first post was not your usual, run of the mill Facebook one though. He said:

'I have always wondered what makes the universe exist. Time and space may forever be a mystery, but that has not stopped my pursuit. Our connections to one another have grown infinitely and now that I have the chance, I’m eager to share this journey with you. Be curious, I know I will forever be.'