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    Just hanging around in St Louis, Missouri

    A base jumper near St Louis, Missouri, was left hanging off a communications tower for over two hours Thursday night, when his parachute became entangled in wires. The jumper had to call firefighters on his cell, who eventually managed to pass him a harness and knife to cut himself free, and lower himself to the ground.

    He was about 150 feet up and by the time he was rescued, had attracted a large audience who shouted encouragement to the rescuers. There's no word if any charges - or bills - will be forthcoming.


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    My praise goes to the rescuers who had to climb up the tower (a dare-devil feat in its-self) to rescue the base jumper. The photograph shows a rescuer hanging off the tower and sliding a harness across to the base jumper. How brave the rescuer is, he had to climb 150 feet up that tower and he is hanging off the tower whilst sliding the harness across to the base jumper.

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