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    Bats in the belfry, and elsewhere, for Georgia couple

    Well, maybe not quite bats in the belfry. They were actually crawling under this Gwinnett County, Georgia couple's rented home. And across their fireplace. Oh, and in their dryer too.

    Now Joel Johnson and his family have launched a lawsuit after having to undergo a 'battery of tests' and rabies' shots, after being exposed to the bats. They no longer have a home either, as the Gwinnett County Health Department said the house was an imminent health hazard and posted a notice that no one should enter it.

    The home owner has said he will respond, but hasn't so far.

    We 'embraced' the missing Bob Harrod case as requested but 6 years on, are still waiting for further guidance

    Flyers/FB/Case Overview&Media Links

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    Why can't they get their belongings from the house?

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