He turned to a friend in his graduating class who seemed to have a lot of money, Jeffrey Todd Andes, a good country boy from Kansas. Heifner asked him for $2,000. Andes offered him $4,000.

Deep down, Heifner says, he knew how Andes got his money. In his desperate situation, however, he tried not to think about that. But beginning on Dec. 28, 1999, he had to. It was payback time.

Andes asked Heifner to drive to Ruidoso, taking a load of marijuana that had come across the Mexican border and delivering it to a distributor there. Heifner says Andes ran a small drug trafficking organization or cartelito that took drugs from El Paso to Kansas, Tennessee, and East Texas...

Soon after Andes disappeared in 2005, the DEA stopped using Heifner as an informant because his connection was gone. Heifner says the people he knew in the cartelito have either been killed or sent to prison. But he thinks the hitman may still be alive.

On the morning of 12/28/2005 Andes told his family he was driving to Chicago, IL, from Winfield, KS, to visit a friend. Family has not heard from or been in contact with Andes since that date. It was not known if he made contact with someone in Chicago since family did not know who the friend was. Andes was driving a black and gold 2004 Ford Expedition.