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    TN - Sara McPherson, 35, Mount Juliet, 31 October 2012


    Two years ago Halloween, Mt. Juliet police found a mother fatally shot in her car behind the U-Store-It facility.

    According to police, a patrol officer became suspicious when he spotted a car parked at the storage facility at about 1:15 a.m. with its lights on. The officer found Sara A. McPherson, 35, of Mt. Juliet, dead in the driver’s seat of her 2002 Mitsubishi Diamante...

    In a statement issued after McPherson’s body was found, Chandler said there was “no indication that the woman was looking at a storage unit.” He also said the woman was not an employee of the storage facility and “there is no indication that this was a random killing.”

    In Boise she met William McPherson who was living in Idaho with a relative. Sara and William relocated to Mt. Juliet, William’s hometown, and were married on Oct. 31, 2001.

    LoRye said at the time of her death, Sara and William were separated and a divorce was in the works. The police have not publicly named William as a person of interest, and LoRye said the family has been careful not to wage any accusations...

    Moog said for the first 10 years of Sara’s marriage, she was the main breadwinner and, the summer before she was killed, she and her children visited Sara’s family in Rupert. But before she could make the trip, William insisted that her family in Rupert pay Sara’s wages and airfare. “She couldn’t come until they sent the check,” Moog said.

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    Update from a little over a year ago. Going to see what else, if anything, I can find.


    LoRye said she is contact with the Mt. Juliet police monthly, but no arrest has been made in connection to the killing.

    Sara was found inside her car outside a storage center in Mt. Juliet. She had been fatally shot.

    Detectives speculated that Sara had possibly gone to the storage site to meet someone. Her body was found by a patrolman at about 1:15 a.m.

    Police believe that Sara was killed around 10 p.m. and that she was not the victim of a random murder.

    . . .

    The police have not publicly named William as a person of interest, and LoRye said the family has been careful not to wage any accusations.

    “I asked (William) what happened. I asked him who would do this, and he said that he didn’t know,” LoRye said. “I have never accused him or his mother. My concern was always for my grandchildren and being able to stay in touch with them.”

    LoRye said the Mt. Juliet police told her that William had moved in with his mother, and they gave her their phone number. But when LoRye called, the person who picked up said the number was for a boys’ shelter and that no one named William, Jack or Rebekah resided there.

    “I called back, and a guy said that they weren’t there and to stop calling,” LoRye said.

    Detectives from the Mt. Juliet Police Department did not return calls from the Journal regarding Sara’s death, but LoRye said investigators told her the case had been turned over to the prosecutor.

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    From 2014 -- details on the folks working the case. Sounds like they thought they were close to charges at the time. Also note that the TBI was lending an assist.


    Mt. Juliet police said they feel "confident" the apparent murder of a local mother two years ago will be solved.

    "It's been a lengthy investigation," MJPD spokesperson Lt. Tyler Chandler said Sunday evening.

    "I'm confident the case will be resolved soon."

    And while police officials for two years said the case was "active," Chandler indicated the case is closer to being solved than ever before.

    However, he was adamant not to reveal anything that could jeopardize the investigation, noting it was "a complicated and difficult case.

    . . .
    MJPD Officer Michael Rountree was on patrol the night McPherson was discovered and was suspicious when he saw a vehicle parked behind the storage unit.

    Chandler said Detective Tommy Shelton is the lead on the case and the victim's family is updated regularly on the progress of the case.

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    Google maps aerial and street view photos of the site where Sara's body was discovered.

    Attached Images Attached Images

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    There is an ATM at the gas station that's about 150 yards from the U-STOR-IT; I wonder if the police or TBI pulled video from the ATM camera?

    Same question regarding video from the gas station cameras (the attached shot shows what I think is a camera).

    Attached Images Attached Images

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    On second thought, that may be a light. Still, hard to imagine there's not a camera somewhere at that gas station.

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    OK, I've emailed the writer of the Wilson Post story (http://wilsonpost.com/police-want-lo...lved-cms-84568) to see if she knows of any developments. Will post what I learn.

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    Also emailed the detective assigned to the case, Detective Tommy Shelton (took a guess at his email address based on how the Mt. Juliet Police Department does their email addresses, and it hasn't bounced back), so I'll post anything I hear back from him as well.

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    Excellent! The writer of the Wilson Post story, Laurie Everitt, already emailed me back. She's been curious about what's been happening as well, and has put a call in and will do a new story next week in the paper! I've asked her whether she knows if the MJPD pulled any footage from the gas station or ATM, so we'll see...


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    Here's a link to Google Maps showing the site (the U-STOR-IT) where Sara's body was found. This is presumably where the murder took place, as there does not appear to have been any suggestion that she was murdered elsewhere and then taken to the U-STOR-IT.

    In terms of camera footage that might have been recovered, there are a number of stores close to the intersection of Central Pike and S. Mt. Juliet road that I bet might have had footage. This includes Michael's Garden Center, which has a camera (see below) aimed at the parking lot which should show traffic on Central Pike, the road that U-STOR-IT is on.

    Here's a link to Google Maps showing where Michael's Garden Center is.

    Also, one more MSM story I missed putting up before: http://www.wsmv.com/story/19971774/b...d-at-mt-juliet
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