From 2007:

Nancy Gayoso, 38, faces a first-degree murder charge in the October 2002 death of Rosita Gonzalez. Authorities allege Gayoso forced Rosita to drink three quarts of water in less than four hours to punish the girl. The water overwhelmed the child's system, causing her vital organs to shut down. She died the next day.

Gayoso has maintained her innocence, telling police that Rosita must have ingested the water while taking a bath. But two of Gayoso's stepchildren told investigators that their stepmother would abuse the girl by filling bottles of water and pouring the water on Rosita and down her throat, according to court records.
From 2014:

It's been a dozen years since 3-year-old Rosita Gonzalez suffered a bizarre and uncommon death by water intoxication...

There have been too many delays, too many legal detours, too many lawyers, too many judges, Pinedo said. During that time, Gayoso, now 45, has remained free on bond. "There is no justice. It's been 12 years that I've lived in frustration," Pinedo, of North Miami Beach, said in a telephone interview.

In the intervening years, Florida law has changed, prompting a downgraded charge from first-degree murder to aggravated manslaughter, the prosecutor has retired, at least five judges have presided over the case, a third team of defense attorneys has taken over, and for at least three years the case was stalled when Gayoso was determined mentally unfit to stand trial.