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    NY - Ameer al Shammari, 13, murdered, Buffalo, 2 May 2014


    Jean Sanchez, 13, accused of strangling another teen to death last spring was in court for a pretrial hearing, Monday afternoon. The issue at hand, should the case be moved to family court?

    Sanchez is charged with Murder in the Second Degree and Sexual Assault after allegedly strangling Ameer al Shammari, 13, to death last spring. Officials said the crime was committed using a shoelace.

    Officials said Sanchez stole the Shammari's cell phone. When Shammari went to get it back, Sanchez killed him at an old golf course off Amherst Street.

    According to a statement Sanchez gave to police on May 6, he first strangled Ameer with the teenís own shoelace. When the shoelace broke, according to the statement, Sanchez used a cord from Ameerís hooded sweatshirt to strangle him.

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    "The murder and anal sexual conduct that this defendant caused is not an anomaly. It is the unfortunate and sadly predictable culmination of his history." Parisi said it’s behavior the teenager from Puerto Rico displayed in the years prior to 13-year-old Al-Shammari's murder back on May 2, and even now in the East Ferry Detention Center where he's awaiting trial...

    Prosecutors said that based on the crimes, Sanchez should be tried in Erie County Court and face life in prison.

    Erie County Court Judge Sheila DiTullio withheld a decision to allow the defense to present their case on the constitutionality of trying Sanchez in family court. That's set for Jan. 7.

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    But his behavior is an anomaly in our society. I consider this case, and others like it, as LE stopping a serial killer after their first crime. He cannot be rehabbed if this is an ingrained behavior at 13. Too bad LE did not look at Bundy when the 15 year old girl in his neighborhood was murdered when he was a teen. JMO
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    A Buffalo teenager was sentenced to nine years to life in prison Thursday afternoon for sexually assaulting and killing a 13-year-old boy in May 2014 in Buffalo’s Black Rock neighborhood.

    Jean Sanchez, 14, had lost a bid to have his murder case thrown out of adult court and then pleaded guilty in October to second-degree murder in the brutal killing of Ameer Al-Shammari, a boy he barely knew. The sentence was the maximum for a defendant Sanchez’ age.

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