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    CA - Butte Co., NtvMale UP12999, 25-40, burned, near Ord Ferry Bridge, Aug'82


    This UID was just added to NamUs less than two weeks ago. I don't know why, but sometimes I'll see a NamUs profile and something in my gut tells me it can be solved, and I get that feeling with this guy.


    Age: 25 - 40 years old
    Race: Native American
    Sex: Male
    Height: 72 inches (6 ft)
    Body conditions: Charred/burned
    Postmortem interval: Months. Probable years of death are 1981 and 1982


    Date: August 23, 1982
    Location: Butte County, CA 95928
    Body found in a wooded area south of the Ord Ferry Bridge. [I'm guessing it's a homicide due to the charring + being found in a wooded area.]


    Blue jeans and a t-shirt (color unknown due to charring)


    No identifiers (fingerprints, dentals, DNA) are available.

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    I can't find any Native American men who went missing in the immediate area, but I do have two PMs so far.

    1. Charles Fabian

    • Age (27) is within range
    • Height (6'2) is within 2 inches
    • Timing looks reasonable even though he disappeared 1 year and 5 days before the UID was found; there's nothing to indicate he died on that day
    • Distance (13.3) miles is perfectly reasonable
    • Circumstances don't seem to rule him out

    Fabian had two tattoos, but the body was charred/burned and had been there for months, so it's possible that they wouldn't have been visible because of the damage and decomposition.
    The biggest problem is that the UID is listed as Native American while Fabian was white.

    2. Timothy Thompson

    • Age (39) is within range
    • Race (Native American) matches
    • Timing (4 months and 1 week between disappearance and UID's discovery) checks out
    • Circumstances line up. Thompson often hitchhiked between Wisconsin and California. In this case, I don't think distance is a big issue since he was obviously capable of hitchhiking long distances.

    The only issue is that he's listed as being 5 inches shorter than the UID. But after the Margaret Walden case (where there was an EIGHT-INCH height discrepancy), I don't put as much stock in height as I used to.

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    I wonder how certain they are about the descendent's height? I was able to find a few Native American men who had escaped from the Washington State Department of Corrections (http://www.doc.wa.gov/MostWanted/Offenders.aspx) prior to NamUs UP # 12999 (Gabriel Billy http://www.doc.wa.gov/MostWanted/Off...briel%20Joseph, Larry Blackplume http://www.doc.wa.gov/MostWanted/Off...PLUME,%20Larry, and Rodney George (yet I think too much time elapsed between when Mr. George escaped in 1974 and when the unidentified man was found) http://www.doc.wa.gov/MostWanted/Off...Rodney%20Wayne).

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    Originally, I was surprised to see no rule outs on this John Doe. However, I realized that he doesn't have DNA, dental, or fingerprints in the system.

    Today (Sunday the 28th) is the 34th anniversary of his death, so I'm kind of surprised they don't have anything (especially since murder case, though I know times were different 34 years ago). Hopefully, he can get his name back soon.

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