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    Someone mentioned great falls escaped convict in the 50's... Are you referring to john Cameron's book about Edward Wayne Edwards?

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    Where can I find copies of all statements collected for this case?

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    The 1937 Dodge

    Quote Originally Posted by Ozoner View Post
    There is no evidence that the father and sister are lying. In fact, their stories fit the known, corroborated facts. There is no suspicion on the family whatsoever: they are victims.
    There is evidence that Beverly Potts is dead: the fact that she hasn't been seen or heard from in 65 years is evidence of her demise. She probably died the night she was abducted, although that is not certain. I'm not convinced that she is buried in the neighborhood. There's a good chance she was lured into the 37 Dodge that she was seen near.
    Your attempts to connect this case to those others that you mentioned seem well-intentioned but very misguided.
    Thats it, this 1937 Dodge Black coupe is THE major line of enquiry. Out of 1500 people at the show wagon only 25 came forward with information. Some of these 25 saw Beverly talking to two young men in the above vehicle. One of the them, Carrol Katrenick saw the car a couple of times and knew Beverly. The problem the police faced was this: a total of 1500 people are at or near the crime scene at the critical time. There were many many witnesses that never came forward. James Badal discounts the black Dodge and developes a theory she left shortly after Patsy Swing and was this has two benefits. One she is isolated, allowing a child approach situation and it would tend to account for a lack of witnesses to the actual crime.
    Remember that from the book the two young men in the Dodge fit the description of two guys seen by an off duty cop scoping out under age girls at the Show Wagon so I go with the occupants of the Dodge as being the offenders. If they were there innocently they never came forward to satisfy the police. The metrics of child abduction and murder dictate they will have been either living nearby or familiar with that area for some legitimate reason. Surely even now someone could know of old family members that fit the description who lived near there, photo albums etc could be a research tool. That child's body is still there somewhere; what a moment it would be if she could be found and laid to rest near her parents.

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    Missing for 66 years on August 24th

    Such a sad case. Someday there might be answers. Someday.
    We are here to help. I will do my best to not cause any hindrance, in any manner.
    I will at times, "think out loud." I have done this since I can remember.
    I will share my opinions. Thoughts. Insights. And I encourage everyone else to do the same.
    Let's find them, and bring them home!

    We Are All One Human Race!

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    In the James Badal book, the black vehicle Beverly was described as being next to was also said to have had a loud muffler. You might question how a car like that might have been used in her abduction especially if it took place as she was on her way home and could have heard it approaching. Of course, the same person or persons who were in that car earlier could have approached her on foot or in another car.

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    JP13 Interesting comment on the Great Falls escaped convict. Bernard Welch, Ghost Burglar, was actually an escaped convict who managed to become a very wealthy Great Falls resident who also had a huge home in Duluth, Minnesota. He shot Dr. Halberstam while burglarizing the doctor's house, but Dr. Halberstam ran him down with his car before dying.

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    Personally, I believe there are 2 likely possibilities. One is that she was abducted, (likely molested) and killed on Linnet ave. she was told to run from strangers, and was said to be shy of men. Possibly a neighbour she knew through her parents or a friends parent could have called her over. Just because she was shy doesn't mean she would run away from someone that she knows.

    2nd possibility is that she was jumped by one or more strangers from out of area, taken away, (again, likely molested) and killed then hidden. Though with so many people around the park, the first possibility is the most likely as the killer may have been able to lure her inside before attacking her.

    Many sex offenders act on impulse. Say He looks out his window and sees a 10 year old female walking down the road. Calls her over, assaults her then realised that if he lets her go he will go to jail, then proceeds to make the selfish choice of killing her, and possibly hiding the body in the basement, as they used to have dirt floors.

    I live in another country and cannot stop thinking about this case. It is very sad. Such a terrible loss of human life.

    Rest in Peace Beverly
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