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    TN ⁍ Hot wings brawl brings jail, juvie stints for mom, teen

    Argument over hot wings leads to brawl at birthday party (wreg.com)

    MEMPHIS, Tenn. – A woman is in jail and her daughter is due in juvenile court after a disagreement over hot wings turned into a brawl.

    Angel Murphy, 45, is facing domestic assault and disorderly conduct charges.

    “It’s about some hot wings,” said Louis Primer, the 13-year-old girl’s father.
    Primer said his 13-year-old daughter asked for more hot wings, but there were none left.

    He said his daughter wasn’t supposed to have any more wings anyway, because doctors expect she might have diabetes.

    Murphy reportedly reminded her daughter that it wasn’t her birthday.

    The police report said the 13-year-old girl tried to attack the sibling whose birthday it was.
    the rest at the link, with video

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    The 13 y/o girl's mother said - She was tired of taking care of the kids and dealing w the police.
    (BBM & my paraphrasing of TV reporter's stmt in above link to wreg.com).
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    The 13-year-old attacked her sibling. Then the mother got in a physical fight with the 13-year-old, and the girl punched her mother in the head.

    When cops arrived, the mother got into it with the cops and resisted arrest.

    Then the daughter threatened the cops. She was also arrested. She started banging her head against the inside of the cop car, and they "subdued" her with pepper spray.

    I have to question whether they really needed to use pepper spray on the girl after she was safely detained inside the cop car.

    But boy, that is one dysfunctional family!

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