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    Threat to turtle leads to stabbing in Florida

    A Palm Beach, Florida woman has been arrested for stabbing her boyfriend after she says he threatened to hurt her turtle.

    'The sheriff's office reports that 53-year-old Marie Seymour of Lake Park faces charges of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon in the Tuesday incident. She has since been released from jail.'

    It doesn't seem like the turtle was harmed, although obviously the boyfriend was. I do like the way it says at the end of the article: 'The name of the turtle was not released.'

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    Threat to turtle leads to stabbing in Florida

    I cannot not tolerate cruelty to animals, so if the boyfriend was going to harm the turtle I can understand her standing up to protect her pet. Although stabbing the boyfriend was taking "protecting her pet" to the extreme. (I am glad the turtle wasn't injured). She sure must love her turtle!.

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