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    Twin lies to cops about identity

    Cops: Woman pretends to be twin when pulled over

    Indiana deputy quickly sniffed out lie by checking the sisters' files

    Published On: Nov 07 2014 04:01:14 PM EST

    A woman pretended to be her twin sister in order to fake out police, but the deputy didn't fall for it.

    According to a report from the Johnson County Sheriff's Office, a deputy pulled over a car around 7:40 p.m. Thursday because one of the headlights was out.

    The deputy asked the driver to step out of the car. She said she didn't have anything to identify herself and said her name was Amy Alvey...


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    I wouldn't want to have a twin sister like that.!!

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    I know a set of twins who are not only identical twins, but they have the exact same name. Same first name, same middle, same last. (No, I have no idea what the parents were thinking when they did that.)

    I've pondered what kind of legal trouble one of them could get into if the other one went bad.

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    Umm, the first lesson of lying to the cops about your name because you have an arrest warrant is to NOT pretend to be someone who also has an arrest warrant out for them. Oh well, maybe the genius will figure it out during her time in jail.


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