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    MN - Sheri Thielen, 40, Minneapolis, 9 Feb 1999

    I was looking at a website I found on another thread here with unsolved Minnesota murders... http://www.spotlightoncrime.org/
    and I was surprised to see this case on there. I knew her daughter Leila for a year or two before this happened, she was on my softball team and this happened in my neighborhood (three houses away from my childhood best friend's house). As far as I know, no one lives in the house... there's bullet holes in the back still.

    really sad case, especially because she was doing better for a while after, and then died suddenly. There was an article in our neighborhood's newspaper shortly after she died talking about how happy she was and excited to survive it so she could be with her daughter (I don't know what happened to her - she quit softball & moved after the shooting).

    Sheri Thielen, a 40 year-old single mom, was at home with her 9-year-old daughter the evening of February 9, 1999, when she heard a knock at her front door shortly before midnight. When she looked out her window, she saw two black men. The men walked around to the back of the house. As Thielen watched from the back window, the men turned and began firing shots into the home. She was shot three times in the torso. Thielen survived the initial attack, which police believe is a case of mistaken identity, but was paralyzed from the chest down. She spent three months recuperating in a local hospital, but died as a result of complications from her injuries on May 24, 1999.

    Please bring closure to the family and friends of Sheri Thielen, and bring her killer(s) to justice.

    Anyone with information about this case is requested to contact:

    Minneapolis Police Department at (612)673-2941
    or the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension,
    Cold Case Homicide Unit at (651)793-7000


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    Smile Leila Thielen

    Hi i actually seen this post awhile ago but couldn't respond to it. Im her daughter Leila Thielen and I would just like to say thank you for writing this. Its really good to know that someone remembers this. So thank thank thank you so much hope you get this i know you wrote this 7 years ago so hope you are still apart of this website sorry it took so long

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    Welcome to Websleuths Leila, I'm sorry it is under these circumstances surrounding your moms cold case.

    I did a search of archived news articles an all are pay to view. Is there anything you can share with us to help sleuth this case?

    Prayers for justice in your moms case.


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    Dear Leila,

    Sending thoughts and prayers your way. Please know that we share your grief and heartbreak. You sound like an amazing person and your Mom would be so incredibly proud of you! Remember you are never alone. God Bless.
    for there is nothing heavier than compassion. Not even one's own pain weighs so heavy as the pain one feels with someone, for someone, a pain intensified by the imagination and prolonged by a hundred echoes. ― Milan Kundera, The Unbearable Lightness of Being

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