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    FL - Melvin Butzlaff, 87, Ormond Beach, Aug 2014

    I missed this report on local news the other day, but a relative told me this is a really strange situation - and I agree!

    Missing Adult
    Location Last Seen: 642 B Robin Road, Ormond Beach FL.
    Date Last seen: possibly late August 2014.

    The Ormond Beach Police are currently investigating a missing person’s case involving a Dementia patient. Melvin W. Butzlaff, 87 years old, DOB 05/01/1927, was last heard from by his daughter, who resides in Casselberry, approximately 9 months ago. She
    stated that Mr. Butzlaff was residing with his son at 642 B Robin Road.

    When OBPD contacted the son, Robert Butzlaff, he stated that his father was being cared for by a female known only as “Beverly A.”. The son states he believed that his father left for Greenville, SC with “Beverly A.” in August of 2014, and he has not spoken to him since.

    Beverly A. is described as a white female in her 70’s, and drives a white Lincoln.

    Attempts to contact Mr. Butzlaff’s cell phone revealed it has been turned off. Greenville Police Department was contacted, but stated they have had no contact with Mr. Butzlaff.

    Mr. Butzlaff a white male, 5’6 tall and 140 lbs, with thinning brown/grey hair. A photograph of Mr. Butzlaff is attached.

    Anyone with information on Melvin Butzlaff is asked to contact Ormond Beach Police
    @ 677-0731.
    RELEASED BY: Officer Keith A. Walker, Public Information Officer
    DATE RELEASED: Monday, October 27, 2014
    OBPD Case # 14-10-00489



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    Did the daughter try to contact the father between February and November? I wonder when the phone was turned off. What about social security cheques or other monetary transactions?

    It seems strange that there would be an elderly caregiver whose last name is not known to the previous caregiver.
    I tried to google for more information but could not find any updates. I did find an obituary for a woman who appears to have been Melvyn's sister. Her funeral was in early August 2014 and I wondered if Melvyn might have been trying to get there. She lived in Wisconsin, not SC though ( I think that is where Melvyn and his late wife are from originally) and the funeral would have been over in late August. Of course a dementia patient might be confused.
    This says he was " possibly" last seen in late August. http://www.ormondbeach.org/DocumentC...Bmxj8Dka1T39CA It appears the police don't view the son's story as completely reliable.

    Someone from Ormond Beach with the son's name has a longstanding and fairly regular arrest history in Florida for various reasons, including battery on a LEO.

    Melvyn is not in Namus and Namus does not have any nearby uids in the age range.

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