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    SC - Gaffney, HispMale Skeletal, 30-35, in woods near landfill, Nov'14

    Authorities in Cherokee County (S.C.) are working to determine the identity of a person whose skeletal remains were discovered Tuesday morning. Authorities said they also want to know if foul play was involved in the person’s death.

    The remains were discovered shortly before noon in a wooded area on Lemuals Road, off Interstate 85 near Gaffney, according to Cherokee County Coroner Dennis Fowler. He said a man surveying timber in the area made the discovery.

    “Three large bones of a skeleton were protruding from the ground,” Fowler said. “They were partially covered with leaves and pine needles and appear to be that of a male.”
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    Missing from Gaffney, SC:

    It's about 15 minutes drive from where Donnie Pennington was last seen to where the remains were found.

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    Last seen about half an hour away:
    In Spartanburg county:
    William Dean Ponder
    Darryl Miller:
    Two subjects were convicted, absence of remains, for the murder of Mr. Miller. Disposal sight may be in Union county but all locations in SC should be considered.
    In Gastonia NC:
    Richard Mize Sr
    Jose Trochez
    Joe Ragan

    Last seen walking on I85
    John Woodrow Gaton

    Greenville SC and Charlotte NC are about an hour away

    Manish Patel was traveling between Greenville and Charlotte when he disappeared. His last phone call indicated he got to Gastonia county NC before family lost contact so would presumably have passed this area but who knows.

    Jason Guptill is missing from Charlotte NC.
    The victim left his residence to go to the store. Two days later the car he was driving was located in Kings Mountain State Park located in Blacksburg, SC in York County South Carolina.
    It sounds like he might be lost in the park but if he hadn't told anyone he was planning to go hiking...? The park is about half an hour away.
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    A contract worker called 9-1-1, on Tuesday, after stumbling upon "long" human bones on county property. A day later and about ten feet away, Cherokee County Coroner Dennis Fowler said more bones were found, including a skull. According to Fowler, the bones were found in a densely wooded area a couple hundred yards behind the landfill. He said the bones were covered in leaves and pine nettles.

    Fowler tells News 13, clothes were found near the bones, as well. He wouldn't comment on whether the clothes appeared to belong to a man or a woman. Fowler said the bones have probably been out there for more than five years, but he'll know more specifics after testing is complete.

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    Tina Marie Crouch is also missing from Gaffney.


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    A western North Carolina family is hopeful that remains found in Cherokee County nearly two weeks ago, are those of their missing brother.

    But, the Cherokee County Sheriff said, in his opinion, based on evidence found near the remains, he doesn't think they belong to the family's loved one.

    Donnie Pennington went missing in March of 2006. His wife reported him missing after she said Pennington told her he was going to a friend's home for an hour, but he was never heard from again after he left their home. Pennington was last seen near Timken Road and Old Georgia Highway in Gaffney, SC.

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