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    Bittersweet: father sings to dying baby, mom died a couple days before

    I have no words.

    Heartbreaking video shows father singing Beatles song to dying infant son after wife died unexpectedly

    Ashley Picco, 30, died in her sleep Nov. 8 but doctors were able to deliver baby Lennon during an emergency C-section at a hospital in Loma Linda.
    Lennon, who was born 16 weeks premature and weighing just over 2 pounds, passed away Tuesday.


    Chris Picco

    Yesterday at 1:26pm

    Dear friends, family, and supporters; it is with an unbelievably heavy heart that I write this. My little fighter, Lennon James Picco went to sleep in his daddy's arms late last night. He was surrounded by family, friends, and the best doctors, nurses and hospital staff in the world. He was dressed in an outfit that Ashley bought for him, with little guitars on it, and wrapped in a blanket made by a dear friend. I am so thankful for the four unforgettable days I got to spendwith him. His mommy would have been so beyond joy to see him and to hold him, touch him, bathe him, sing to him - as I have had the privilege of doing. I have been so blessed and honored to love him before he was formed, to cherish him while mommy carried him, meet him face to precious face, and hold his perfect little body while we said "goodbye for now". There are no words, but I wanted to keep you updated, as your love and support has meant more than anything in the world. All you need is love.


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    Wow....what amazing strength and grace Dad had, to write such a beautiful message. I can't imagine going through something so difficult. Prayers for all.

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    Speechless. What a wonderful dad.
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    this is a story you can't read without bawling.....

    Just My Opinion

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    Just when one thinks they have troubles and struggles, a story like this brings a deep sense of true sorrow and grief. How sad for all.
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    Cyrus C. convicted of 2004 arson in Harvey, La. that killed 4 people, including his 19-month-old daughter, his teenage girlfriend, the girlfriend's mom and GF's young brother (age 11). He was acquitted in 2008 (state charges) in 2008 and found GUILTY (federal charges) in 2013


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    I'd be on suicide watch if I'd been in his place.

    Beyond sad.

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