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    BC, ya' gotta' practice your draw!

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    Indeed very sad

    Also, accidents happen especially when children are free thinking and lack the older sense of motor control. I watched the news last night about how rampant the problem is of drivers just 16 years old who have little sense about the power, timing and momentum of cars. There is just too many 16 year olds driving out of control.

    I know of a related story where a 4 to 5 year old was playing alone out in the backyard on the swing slide set. She apparently twirled, hanging onto the rope and got caught up in it. Her siblings came out later to find her dead. Very sad and while I did not know the parents well, I sure felt sympathy for them.

    Strange things happen and I have considered the possibility that JonBenet's death might have been an accidental strangulation (not head bashing). It's possible that it could be a cover up of a game accident, but I give that theory low marks because of the RN. Whoever wrote the RN must have been vindictive.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sissi
    Does anyone know how they decide that it was a game gone wrong and not a deliberate suicide?