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    MO - Teresa Kellough, 49, fatally shot in her Kansas City home, 23 Sept 2014

    Teresa Kellough invited Nathaniel E. Brown into her Kansas City home to tour the remodeled house where Brown once had lived.

    Four months later, after someone shot Kellough, 49, to death inside that house, evidence found at the scene included an unspent bullet — a bullet that federal prosecutors say has been linked to Brown by DNA testing.

    Kellough’s killing remains under investigation, police said Thursday.

    But on Wednesday, federal prosecutors charged the 29-year-old Brown, a paroled armed robber, with being a felon in possession of ammunition.

    Other articles about the murder:

    So they think Brown was the murderer, but don't have enough evidence yet?

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    It’s been almost two months since Gene Kellough’s only daughter was shot execution-style inside her home near Forest Avenue and 42nd in Kansas City, Missouri.

    Now, Kellough waits to see if a man, whose DNA prosecutors say was found at the murder scene, will be charged in the killing of his daughter, Teresa Kellough...

    Brown is in federal custody without bond. Prosecutors say their next step is to present the case to a grand jury for possible indictment.

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    Does Missouri typically send most cases to the Grand Jury for an indictment?

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    She did a kindness for this man and he murdered her for it. No motive, no relationship to the victim, just one kind act connects this poor woman to this ****. Disgusting.


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    Jackson County prosecutors charged a Kansas City man with murdering a woman who had given him a tour of the remodeled home in which he once lived...

    Besides a state charge of first-degree murder, he faces a count of armed criminal action...

    While examining a bullet and spent shell casings littered around the body, forensic examiners found DNA matching Brown’s genetic material, court records alleged. With that evidence in hand, federal prosecutors filed the ammunition count against Brown while state prosecutors and investigators continued the murder investigation.

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    If he used to live in the house...won't that makes things more difficult? Unless DNA is found on her body or clothing, that is. Though I guess being on spent shells helps...thought it was only on unspent at first.
    Just my opinion, of course.

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