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    OH - Lucas Co., Human remains in shallow grave, Nov'14 - Kevin Carr



    We're told a farmer tilling the land found the remains, which are mostly skeletal and notified authorities. The Bureau of Criminal Investigation spent hours recovering the human remains from the corn field.
    Angola Road between Raab and Berkey Southern (State Rt. 295) was closed to traffic until nearly 11 p.m.

    The field is north of Angola in Harding Township.
    No specifics yet


    Mostly skeletal... Here's a couple of relatively recent Lucas county MP:s

    Kevin Carr
    Missing since Sept.10 2014

    Brian Martin
    A couple was arrested for his murder and it's suspected that he was killed in Toledo and hidden somewhere rural.

    ETA: also discussed in the Chelsea Bruck thread (missing from the neighbouring county in MI)
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    Male of unknown race.
    Officials also say the person was wearing dark sweat pants and a T-shirt.

    The Lucas Co Sheriff's Office is working closely with Ohio BCI to identify the victim through finger prints and DNA.

    Fingerprints huh? Seems fairly recent

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    Investigators are working to identify the remains of a young black man found Saturday buried in a shallow grave in a farm field in western Lucas County...

    She said she was able to lift fingerprints from the “young adult black male” victim. Agents with the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation, who attended the autopsy along with forensic anthropologists and Lucas County sheriff’s detectives, were to run the fingerprints through a database for a possible match....

    She could not rule out the possibility that the remains were placed there as recently as Sept. 10 — the date Toledoan Kevin Carr, Jr., 24, went missing...

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    Officials also say the person was wearing dark sweat pants and a T-shirt.
    Carr was last seen wearing dark-colored sweat pants, a "Coogi" jacket, and sneakers.

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    Family holds vigil for Kevin Carr (WTVG-13, Toledo, OH 11/22/2014)

    The days have been endless for the carr family, especially for the mother of his son. Carr was supposed to attend this photo shoot with his son.
    Last week his body was found in a shallow grave in a cornfield in Harding Township. He disappeared in September. His family says Kevin's mother dropped him off to meet someone and they never saw him again.
    "I just ask don't make your family go thru this please don't because whatever Kevin was trying to do being her would be better than having all the money in the world than him being gone. So I just ask that you think more of the stuff that you do and it it puts you in a position like this it's not worth it," said the victim's girlfriend.

    Aunt of Kevin Carr Jr. demands justice (WNWO NBC-24, Toledo, OH 11/18/2014)

    “I just feel, to whoever did this to my nephew, how would you feel if it was your loved one?”

    Investigators were able to identify the remains as Carr’s based on a fingerprint. Now the Lucas County Sheriff’s Office is joining Toledo Police on the case.

    Sgt. Dave Carter of the Sheriff’s office says it’s tough to say how long the remains were there, but he’s confident they’ll find results.

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    Family still looking for answers in Kevin Carr Jr. homicide


    It has been two years since a Toledo man went missing and later found dead in a cornfield. His family is pleading for new leads in this unsolved murder case.

    Answers in this homicide have been tough to come by for loved ones.

    "It's hard when you have a child who was 9 months old when he went missing and is two now and is able to ask 'where's my dad? I want to see my dad.' And that's a hard question you have to answer; that it's not going to happen," said Leanda Carr, the victim's fiancée.

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