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    Married 80 yrs - couple celebrated by grandson with award

    This Canadian couple have been married 80 yrs.

    Husband returned from WWII missing one leg and became employed as a maker of artificial limbs.

    She is currently suffering from dementia and he takes care of her everyday.

    Grandson admits that as he got older he realized what an exceptional couple they are.

    "Their grandson, Randy Higgins, nominated them through a faith-based group known as World Wide Marriage Encounter, which has launched a project to recognize some of North America’s longest-lasting marriages. The top spot in the United States went to Harold and Edna Owings of Burbank, Calif., who have been married more than 82 years."

    Millie, 95, and Clem, 100, are celebrating their 80th wedding anniversary in their hometown of Parry Sound today''

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