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    12-year-old proves magnetic attraction after shock

    A 12-year-old boy in the Omsk region of Russia, appears to have become a human magnet after getting a severe electric shock from a faulty streetlight. The boy, Nikolai Kryaglyachenko, says it began the day after the accident when he had spent the night recovering in bed. He woke in the morning to find coins he'd left on it had stuck to his body. Then he dropped his breakfast spoon and that stuck to his chest too.

    That's not the end of the story though - apparently, he can cause objects to stick to his school friends as well, and the 'magnetic attraction' isn't confined to metal - plastic objects also stick to him.

    ' "Even when I do not want to do it, I still attract things. Once I even attracted a glass - it just moved towards me," the boy, a second-grader, told Omsk TV and Radio Company.'

    I know there are support groups in the US for those who have been struck by lightning, as that can have severe side effects, but I can't recall reading about becoming a real-life Magneto being one of them?


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