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    He got home wet, cold, carrying his little knife. No wonder his wife loves him

    Betsy Moody's husband returned home from work freezing, shaken, soaking wet and with a little knife in his pocket that he'd been telling himself 'just not to drop'. It's why she loves him so much, she says.

    Leo Moody was wet and cold because he'd just jumped into a freezing river in Kossuth Twp, north-east of Portland, to save a three-month-old baby trapped in a child seat in a car that overturned in front of him. The knife he uses for whittling and peeling apples came in handy to cut those seat straps real quick. But his hands were so cold underwater he just hoped he wouldn't drop it.

    He held his nerve and his little paring knife but sadly, the baby was not breathing and unresponsive.

    Luckily, another passing Samaritan, Wade Shorey, was able to take the baby girl Leo passed up the riverbank and perform CPR. The little one is now recovering in hospital.

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    Great story! to all who helped save this little one.

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    I saved a 4yr old child from drowning once. The child was struggling severely and no CPR was needed.
    BUT.....my horror nightmares continue to this day....I have many dreams with different ending scenarios.
    The terrified look on her face will haunt me till the day I die.
    I jumped in with coat and shoes and then realised my mistake when the short swim became strenuous, didn't think, I just did. I got her to the bank, we were both covered in black mud and only when I yelled around for some help is then her parents in the distance nonchalantly looked up. When I realised they were her parents I let loose with my tirade which is the only thing that makes my memory and nightmares worthwhile.
    I do it over and over again most nights in my sleep and I'd do it again tomorrow if another child needed me.
    I pray this man doesn't suffer the same.
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